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This statement can also be used to rename a table. When an index is created, the storage engine may use a configurable buffer in the process.


Incrementing the buffer speeds up the index creation. See Setting Character Sets and Collations for details on setting the character sets and collations. Adds a column to the table. This is very useful when doing scripts to modify tables. Note that, nowadays, the physical position of a column is usually irrelevant. Drops the column from the table.

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If the column is part of any index, the column will be dropped from them, except if you add a new column with identical name at the same time. The index will be dropped if all columns from the index were dropped.


If the column was used in a view or trigger, you will get an error next time the view or trigger is accessed. For example:. The reason is that dropping column a would result in the new constraint that all values in column b be unique.

Up until MariaDB MariaDB In MariaDB, they do nothing. Allows you to modify the type of a column. The column will be at the same place as the original column and all indexes on the column will be kept.

Tallulah Bankhead--Hostess With the Mostes', Drop That Name, 1966 TV

Note that when modifying column, you should specify all attributes for the new column. The column will be at the same place as the original column and all index on the column will be kept. That name will be used in error messages. First, you have to specify the name of the target parent table and a column or a column list which must be indexed and whose values must match to the foreign key's values.

The following options are allowed:. Plain indexes are regular indexes that are not unique, and are not acting as a primary key or a foreign key.


This can be used to speed up inserts into empty tables. Modifies the table adding a constraint on a particular column or columns. Note: Before MariaDB Before a row is inserted or updated, all constraints are evaluated in the order they are defined. If any constraint fails, then the row will not be updated.

One can use most deterministic functions in a constraint, including UDF's. You may find this useful when loading a table that violates some constraints that you want to later find and fix in SQL. For instance,. For example,.

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System-versioned tables was added in MariaDB In MariaDB 5. For example, for an InnoDB table, one could execute the following:.

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The district caters to about 1, students in four elementary schools. At a previous board meeting in February, the issue came to a fiery head. Some argued the name was not about the Confederacy but was linked to a Native American woman whose tribe lived near the area. One woman said the name brought back fond memories of warm summer nights and fireflies.

Who's Who in the Comden & Green Song 'Drop That Name'

But many talked about the racist, violent era, which they saw as a blight on America's history. They argued they certainly didn't want their school named in honor of the Confederacy. The name Dixie stays, but the fight to remove it remains. Thirteen names were proposed earlier this year to replace the name Dixie, which to many remains the nickname for the slave-holding Southern states that seceded before the Civil War.

The board voted down all and ended up sticking with Dixie. On that night, one resident submitted a petition proposing the Sojourner Truth School District. Those supporting the name change said a school building was given the Dixie reference in the 19th century to show sympathy with the South. But those who want the name to stay put argue it isn't referring to the Confederacy, but instead to Mary Dixie, a Native American woman from the Miwok tribe.