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Her love for Greek mythology was her life and this gift meant everything to her. Even if he didn't know himself, she knew him. He sees Lia on her graduation party and became friends with her.

Best Greek Mythology Lovers images in | Greek Mythology, Paranormal Romance, Saga

Lia's new cup was special and they both knew it. It somewhat connected them two in a deeper level but what they didn't know was that it will turned into an adventure that they never want to com back from.

I still enjoyed the story thought because the author did a great job putting a very enchanted tale where two characters manage to make their fantasies come true. The places they transported and the things they saw were so vivid described that made the chapters so much interesting.

Overall; I enjoyed this book it had very likable characters and the chemistry between Lia and August was on point. I was kind of expecting it to be a erotic as book one which was one of my favorites but even thought it wasn't as steamy I still found it enjoyable. The Rose will be appealing to readers who enjoy Greek mythology and a good romantic adventure. View all 4 comments. Not this kinda rose Not this kind Maybe this Crazy, stupid erotic. Ever hear that saying, "beware of Greeks bearing gifts"?

I say, fuck that noise. Bring on the gifts, Greeks! Any possibility of super-sizing the gift? Asking for a friend. Cut from the same cloth and at the ripe old age of 21 she's begun a rather lucrative escort service. Recently graduated, her father gifts her a rose kylix which he outbid a handsome, charming and persistent Greek named Augustine Bowman who makes it very clear that he would like to get his hands on that kylix as well as its owner.

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After Lia finds herself in a bit of a pickle she turns to August for help and a bit of an An education that involves an atypical and uniquely special kylix. Greek myths retold. By Tiffany Reisz. Hold onto your hats, people. Kicking of the fun times are Andromeda and Perseus Next up are Briseis and Achilles with a guest appearance by Patroclus I think I forgot my name with Aethra and Poseidon who are sort of bad wrong but also sort of bad right too Lastly, and most provocatively, Daphne and Apollo They were all quality scenes and worthy of some "me time" but I think what I enjoyed most was the relationship development between Lia and August outside of the fun times, something I thought was missing from The Red.

Even though their entire relationship develops over the course of a week I completely bought into it as well as their consuming love. The banter that Reisz does so well was out in force too which heightened my enjoyment. If you're a fan of Greek mythology or erotic romance, The Rose is some of Reisz' finest. I can envision rereading this or at least View all 11 comments. Apr 03, CC rated it really liked it Shelves: f-br , fun-sexy , arc , bbs-challenge , classics , dirty-talkers , hearts-and-flowers , historical , kinkery , oozing-sex-appeal.

As Lia agrees to partake in the fantasies as a means to resolve her pending problem, the plot seamlessly weaves into the past taking Lia and August to mystical and ethereal places. And the toys of the gods tend to pick their owners. Getting immersed into each Greek tableau felt as though I was transformed into their playground, where gods wreak havoc and take pleasure as they wish.

Tremble: Erotic Tales of the Mystical and Sinister

The story of Achilles, Patroclus and Briseis was a particular standout for me and also Aethra and Poseidon. Though I was expecting a dirtier book, I still enjoyed the fantasy, symbolism and characters. The Rose is a beautifully written story about fated love and will appeal to those looking for a true romance. View all 10 comments. Feb 03, Chris C - A Midlife Wife rated it it was amazing Shelves: reviews , erotica , romance , urban-fantasy , adult-romance. What a crazy fantasy ride. For a genre I rarely read, this one surprised the hell out of me. Maybe it was the author who took a chance outside of her normal writing style.

Maybe it was the entire fact that the story was so different and intriguing. Maybe it was because it was sexy as hell. Whatever it was, I became enthralled with Greek mythology and the beautiful blend between today and another age - real or not. The chara Wow! The characters were wonderfully depicted.

I loved the dry humor and bit of snark. But I especially loved the hot connection between the two of them. If you are looking for something different in a romance, The Rose is it!

Lovers of Zeus : Goddess Mistresses Who Were Not Married to Zeus

This kylix which was a drinking vessel used in ancient Greece, is rumored to have been used in the temple ceremonies of Eros and has powers beyond imagination. One of the guests at the party, August Bowman who is a wealthy Greek art collector, would pay any price to have the kylix. But would Lia part with it? To what lengths would August go to have what he desires? This was very different from what I usually read. I thought it would be more historical fiction than eroticism.

That said, it was entertaining and fast paced. Readers who like erotic stories would enjoy this one. Thanks to the author, Mira books and the NetGalley for providing me with a copy. View 2 comments. Mar 12, Myla rated it it was amazing. Lia met August Bowman at her graduation party given by her parents. It wasn't loved at first sight, as a matter of fact, Lia tries to avoid August, for she knew he's trouble. But he's just persistent and charming his way to Lia to talk to him. The banter between these two is quite entertaining to read.

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And so when Lia's father gave his gift to her the cup known as the Rose Kylix. August warned Lia about it that I've been fascinated by Greek's god and goddess and their story. Tiffany Reisz just made a wonderful adaptation of each character in this book. Be warned, though, that this story will stimulate your wild imagination and if you already read a book by this author, you know she no holds barred when it comes to her writing. I found The Rose greatly enjoyable right from the start.

There's the mystery surrounding the Kylix and the secret Lia is hiding from her parents. A real page-turner, a perfect sequel to book 1, The Red! Recommended to readers who like erotic romance. A question was left by the author Author: Shall we go for three? Me: YES!